Our Services

Full-spectrum eLearning Solutions

At TeachMeOnline.ca, we support institutions in all phases of designing, developing, and deploying world-class technologies to increase and expand access to educational and professional training opportunities. Since we know that data-informed and results-responsive development is crucial, we also offer consultation and analysis services to our clients.

Course Design and Development is available for those universities and training organizations that wish to develop and deploy their materials on the TeachMeOnline.ca portal. As part of this process, TeachMeOnline.ca offers bulk Content Digitization services. This enables our clients to take their existing educational materials and have them digitized, so that existing materials can be used in online learning. Traditional teaching materials are re-formatted for delivery on LMS (or can be formatted for use on a university's own LMS).

eLearning Consulting is available for all partners interested in better understanding, improving, and expanding their eLearning offerings for their students, staff, and the general population.

Our consulting services cover all aspects of eLearning: basic considerations of online learning; strategy, development, and evaluation processes; content design and development; management and administration tools; market research and optimization, and up-scaling operations.

We also offer a suite of customized products and services to help any type of organization develop and manage workforce development solutions (including Workforce Qualification identification, hiring, and in-house online training for HR development). These solutions can be available only to existing staff or can be made visible to an entire nation or Africa in general to help up-skill the general population in high-demand economic sectors. TeachMeOnline.ca can also make successful program graduates aware of job offerings to help organizations increase pool of qualified applicants.

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